The Boneyard Bunch

Curtis Freeman is the founder of Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews and The Indie Horror Book Awards. He’s an avid reader, reviewer, and supporter of indie horror. He thinks reading is the cheapest vacation. He is currently writing his first book. He loves cookies more than editing and revisions. Curtis is probably eating ice cream in his stretchy pants right about now. He loves all types of horror, crime, and mystery/thrillers.


HqV-QJQA.jpg-largeValerie Dorsey has a BS degree in Marketing from Indiana University 1982, and has worked in the retail business for the last 19 yrs! She’s raised 4 children, 3 graduated college. She loves animals and reading! Reading has become as much a part of her life as brushing her teeth. If she doesn’t make time to read then something is missing from her day. Valerie’s favorite genres include horror, sci-fi, mystery, suspense, fiction, crime, and some fantasy.


img_0944Caitlyn Grey is a horror and suspense author who loves all things creepy. Her first novel, Lost Girls,
debuted early this year, with a second novel expected to be released this upcoming fall. As a lover of what most would find obscure, Grey prides herself on her unique and quirky personality. She credits her
love for all things horror and paranormal to all of the Stephen King, Wes Craven, and Edgar Allan Poe works she started experiencing at the tender age of eight. While most children her age were playing with friends, she was making up stories of shadow figures appearing at the foot of a child’s bed in the middle of the night. The rest, as the story goes, is history. Now, fifteen years later, Grey has devoted her life to scaring the next generation, as her idols had for her.