Five Must-See Horror Cartoons

  The Addams Family  The cartoon was a little more family friendly and geared specifically towards children. Uncle Fester is different from the film in that he likes blowing himself up with explosives. The Addams Family live in the bright town of Happydale Heights. The family faces numerous threats from recurring villains and individuals. The … Continue reading Five Must-See Horror Cartoons

{Book Review} Isidora’s Pawn (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 19)

  Pages: 79 Published: May 10th 2019 Publisher: Demain Publishing I've read and reviewed a few of Erik Hofstatter's stories over the years. With each story, you never really know what you are going to get. He has covered different types of horror. He is a unique author in that he doesn't write about what other … Continue reading {Book Review} Isidora’s Pawn (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 19)

{Book Review} The Hungry Ones by Chris Sorensen

Pages: 287 Published: May 28th 2019 Publisher: Harmful Monkey Press Where do I even begin with this marvelous macabre tale. Usually a book two indicates a bridge piece, connecting the first and third books, but The Hungry Ones is different. The main difference being author Chris Sorensen. He knows how to spin a good yarn … Continue reading {Book Review} The Hungry Ones by Chris Sorensen

{Film Review} The Look-See: Season 1

Reviewed by Caitlyn Grey   The Look-See- Season 1  The victims of The Look-See aren’t just haunted by a terrifying eye-less creature. They’re also haunted by their unforgivable grief. This two-season mini-series created by Crypt TV follows the unfortunate victims in their final moments. While season one includes the tale of a new victim each episode, … Continue reading {Film Review} The Look-See: Season 1