{Book Review} Dark Debts by Karen Hall



Karen Hall ladies and gentlemen. I’ve heard great things about Karen Hall’s writing for some time, now. But I never took the leap into her supernatural thriller, Dark Debts, until now. I should have read this upon release. Dark Debts was and still is a game-changer for the supernatural thriller genre. I use the words supernatural thriller because of this excerpt from the book’s synopsis: Karen Hall masterfully combines horror, southern gothic, romantic comedy, and theological mystery in the form of a supernatural thriller.Β To me, it reads more like a horror story, but I digress. Karen Hall’s polished prose makes Dark Debts unputdownable. You’ll want to read this one late into the night, so make a cup of tea, grab a snack, and dig in. Karen Hall more than satisfied this voracious reader’s hunger.

Now, the characters have that extra depth to them that you rarely get to see in most books. This has to deal with inner dialogue. I’ve never given inner dialogue much thought before reading this book. But it’s that inner struggle that makes this book so enjoyable. You have a Jesuit priest, a reclusive writer, a newspaper reporter, and a lost soul. Throw in an intricate plot and you have one helluva cogent story. The story takes place in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

The intense scenes jump off the page, immersing you head first into the story. From start to finish, the story stays smooth, moving at a suitable pace. Dark Debts does what it ‘s supposed to do, it unsettles you in the best ways. I don’t want to sound clichΓ©, but this book will send a cold shiver up your spine.

I usually stay away from church/religious horror, but once I took a sip I had to knock back the whole book. I would have read it in one sitting, but life got in the way. So instead, I savored every chapter. I learned several things from this book as for as religion is concerned. Dark Debts kind of reminds me of The Exorcist. It’s that type of memorable. You can definitely tell Karen Hall did her research on the subject matter.

I have no complaints about my reading experience. Dark Debts is compelling and thought provoking. Now, I must have my house cleansed.








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