{Book Review} Palace of Ghosts by Thomas S. Flowers

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  • Pages: 210
  • Published: March 5th 2019
  • Published: Shadow Work Publishing

Palace Of Ghosts was hard for me to review. Not because it was bad or anything like that. I’m a veteran, so this one hit close to home. Even though I was never deployed to Iraq, my friends were. Some never made it home, while others came back with PTSD. In any given day, 22 veterans were taking their own lives because the weren’t getting the proper medical attention they needed. As a veteran reading this book, I wasn’t triggered by any of its content. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed this terrifying tale. Thomas S. Flowers respects his fellow veterans with Palace Of Ghosts. This is my first time reading Flowers’s work, but it won’t be my last because I was impressed with his writing. He has some serious writing chops.

Palace Of Ghosts is a jaunt with four veterans of the Iraq War. The four veterans are seeking a cure for Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD). The four veterans (Samantha Green, Brad Myers, Andy Lovejoy, Marcus Pangborn) are relying on Doctor Frederick Peters, a fringe, experimental psychologist looking to prove his exposure theory hypothesis, along with his two assistants, Tiffany Burgess and Dexter Reid. Doctor Frederick Peters takes them to stay in Amon Palace. Peters thinks the haunted house will cure his patients of their PTSD. He wants them to face their fears and memories in the haunted dwelling. As to be expected, things don’t go according to plan.

I like how we get the different soldiers’ point-of-views. We get to see what is causing their PTSD. We also get to see what the house has in store for them. Palace of Ghosts is a great ghost story. Seeing an author write about anxiety, panic attacks, and depression with respect takes this story to a whole new level. I wanted to hug the four veterans. Thomas S. Flowers puts his characters through the wringer. He doesn’t hold any punches. It’s hard to really describe this book, but I’d say it’s like Jacob’s Ladder meets Hill House. Palace of Ghosts is full of heart and spooky scenes. 

Overall, Palace Of Ghosts is a superb achievement in horror. Thomas S. Flowers pulls you into the story, and you become invested in the characters and the story. The book is nice and taut, making you want to turn the page to see what happens next. The ending will knock your socks off. The cover oozes dread and frights. I would love to hang a print of the cover in my office. This is a book you’ll want to put in your personal collection. I can’t say enough about this book. I just really want you to read it, so we can have a bookish chat about it. 

Evil resides in Amon Palace. Something worse came to visit. 

Four veterans of the Iraq War seeking a cure for Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder arrive at a notoriously haunted house in the bogs of Galveston Island called Amon Palace. 

Samantha Green, a friendless former Army K-9 handler looking for a way to put her loss behind her. 

Brad Myers, a lighthearted former Military Police Officer severally wounded in war wanting nothing more than a good nights sleep.

Andy Lovejoy, an overweight light spoken drone operator who once watched the war from above now questions who he has become. 

Marcus Pangborn, a headstrong Marine who desperately wants a dead friendโ€™s forgiveness. 

The group joins Doctor Frederick Peters, an experimental psychologist looking to prove his exposure theory hypothesis, and his two assistants, Tiffany Burgess and Dexter Reid. 

At first, their stay seems to conjure nothing more than spooky encounters with inexplicable phenomena. But Amon Palace is gathering its powersโ€”and soon it will reveal that these veterans are not who they seem.

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