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{Book Review} The Nightcrawler by Mick Ridgewell


This is my first time reading Mick Ridgewell.  I don’t much like reading what other people read. Upon discovering this book, I didn’t know what to think. I started reading this one last year. I put it down because it was catching my attention at the time. When it comes to reading, I sit books to the side and come back to them at a later date to see if it was me or the book. I had better luck the second time around. The opening chapters intrigued me enough to read on. I liked the premise of a rich douche canoe dismissing a random homeless guy, and in turn, the homeless guy haunts him. He shows up everywhere the prick goes, which is quite enjoyable. There’s also a young guy from Vermont hiking to Los Angeles, California. The young guy fears his impending death. He sees death everywhere and he just can’t shake it.

The scenes are the best part about this character driven story. The tension is slack, probably could have shaved off quite a few pages to keep it taut. I would argue that some scenes weren’t necessary. The scenes are visually stunning, though. I just wish the spectacular scenes were closer together and more abundant. You can skim through some of the chapters, and you wouldn’t miss a thing. I think it would work better as a short novella or novelette. I waited and waited, hoping something would pop off and hit the fan, but it never did. Not really. The ending is good. It was worth the wait. The writing is good, too.

Overall, I thought The Nightcrawler was okay. I will definitely give Mick Ridgewell another read in the future. The author has a lot of potential, he just needs to work on pacing a bit more. If you haven’t read books from Alien Agenda Publishing, then I suggest you get on that immediately. You’re missing out on some great reads. You can find those books here


Wherever you run…he’s waiting for you!

Scott Randall is a corporate VP on top of the world. To celebrate a massive new deal, he’s going to drive from Detroit to LA. But before he leaves, he makes a bad mistake. He cruelly dismisses a homeless panhandler on the street. Along the road, he swears he sees the panhandler again. Then again. And again. Soon he sees the man—who calls himself the Nightcrawler—even in his dreams. No matter how frantically he tries, Scott can’t escape his relentless pursuer. He thought he was going to LA. But the Nightcrawler has a very different destination in mind.

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