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{Book Review} Primal Terra by Tim Meyer


  • Pages: 218
  • Published: June 24th 2019
  • Publisher: Severed Press

Primal Terra is Jurassic Park on steroids. It’s a real blast from the prehistoric past. Sink your teeth in this book before it sinks its teeth in you. 

I’ve read most of Tim Meyer’s horror books. With each new publication, Meyer’s prose keeps getting better. His plots are stronger, characters well-developed, and full of shocks and surprises. My first excursion into Meyer’s work was with Sharkwater Beach. Primal Terra isn’t an official sequel, but there is a character that appears in both books. I have to admit, I’m fascinated with creature features. I think Severed Press is an excellent publication that publishes great work on the regular. If you haven’t read anything by them, then you should remedy that immediately.

Carla Scarletta chases down a thief, cornering him in his apartment…or so she thought. She just wanted to catch the jewelry thief. She definitely wasn’t expecting to find a portal leading to the Crustaceous Period. And this may not be the only portal in the world. A search team is formed by Phil Moody’s friend a few days later. He informs Phil of his ex-wife’s whereabouts. She has gone missing in the Crustaceous Period, and they must find her before it’s too late. The search team is the two friends, mercenaries, and a celebrity paleontologist.

Primal Terra has a lot of heart. Not only do you care about he characters, you also care about the dinosaurs. You’ll want to cheer for everyone, excluding the bad guys, of course. But their motives are completely understandable. Tim Meyer will have you swatting mosquitoes and chopping down underbrush, trying to cross a deadly terrain with the cast of characters. You get to see the characters form bonds as they dodge deadly dinosaurs. They have to tread carefully or they will fall prey to the ultimate predators. Alliances are formed and deadly deceit is only a page turn away. Compelling is an understatement.

“He’d be stuck here. In a world that didn’t lend itself to survival. A world that would–quite literally–eat him up and spit him out. Well, maybe not the latter. But definitely the former.” 

There’s enough carnage and death to satisfy any fan of horror. With Tim Meyer’s descriptions, the dinosaurs come to life, chomping and stomping off the page. Just be careful because once the razor sharp teeth sink into your flesh, you’re going to be dragged into the midst of the mayhem. You’ll be yelling at the page, trying to direct the characters by telling them what to do and what not to do. Overall, Primal Terra is a fun read. It’s a great escape for an hour or more. Grab the popcorn and soda because this one reads like a B-movie at the Saturday Matinee. If you don’t have a snack, you’ll probably end up feasting on your fingernails. That’s kind of gross. Don’t be gross. Anyways, just make sure you cover your drink and popcorn because the blood and guts really fly. If you dig dinosaurs and creature features, then you’re going to dig Primal Terra. 


Three days ago, Carla Scarletta chased a jewel thief into his New York City apartment. When she kicked down the door, the last thing she expected to find was a portal into a lost world.

Today, Phil Moody gets a visit from an old friend. He claims Phil’s ex-wife has gone missing, that she’s currently alive but in grave danger… sixty-five million years in the past. Now, Phil, along with a team of mercenaries and one celebrity paleontologist, must step into the portal, travel into a dinosaur-infested world and cross dangerous terrain to find the woman he maybe still loves. But that’s not all they’re after. The jewel thief has stolen something else, something that could alter their concept of reality and catastrophically damage the universe.

But time is running out. If they don’t hurry, the portal will close, trapping them in this primal world… forever.

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