Five Must-See Horror Cartoons




Tales from the Cryptkeeper

Tales from the Cryptkeeper was very much like the HBO series, except it was geared more towards children. The Cryptkeeper would tell different stories, and each of those stories came with a lesson. What can I say? It’s educational viewing. In Season 2, the Vault-Keeper and the Old Witch were trying to take over the Cryptkeeper’s show. He ventured out of his mansion in this season to get away from them. With Season 3 came a new title. It was called New Tales from the Cryptkeeper, and the quality wasn’t as good as the first two seasons.

Cryptkeeper: John Kassir

Old Witch: Elizabeth Hanna

Vault-Keeper: David Hemblen


Toxic Crusaders

Toxic Crusaders was based on the films. Toxie was toned down alot in the cartoon. They made him a kind-hearted character living in Tromaville, New Jersey. What’s cool is Toxie’s mop was mutated by the toxic waste, making it a sentient being. He would fight enemies and help Toxie solve problems. The villains (Czar Zosta, Dr. Killemoff, and Psycho) were polluters from the planet Smogula. They were helped by Mayor Grody. Bonehead also appears in the first episode.

Toxie: Rodger Bumpass

No-Zone: Paul Eiding

Major Disaster: Ed Gilbert

Headbanger: Hal Rayle, John Mariano

Junkyard: Gregg Berger

Czar Zosta: Patric Zimmerman

Dr. Killemoff: Rodger Bumpass

Psycho: Michael J. Pollard

Bonehead: Hal Rayle

Mayor Max Grody: Chuck McCann


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

The cartoon takes place five years after The Great Tomato War. Tomatoes have been banned. Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen is at it again with his experiments. One of his experiments, Tara Boumdeay, is a tomato turned human, and she ends up running away with F.T. They become friends with Chad Finletter (nephew of the Great Tomato War veteran, Wilbur Finletter). Chad saves Tara and F.T. and he gets Tara a job at his uncle’s tomato-less pizza restaurant. They must face Gangreen. In Season 2, Gangreen takes over the world, but is overthrown by Zoltan and he joins forces with the good guys.

Chad Finletter: Christian Guzek

Tara Boumdeay: Kath Soucie

Wilbur Finletter: Thom Bray

F.T.: S. Scott Bullock

Whitley White: Neil Ross

Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen: John Astin


Little Shop

Symour Krelborn works in a flower shop, and becomes friends with Junior, the talking Venus flytrap. Junior sprouted from a 200. million year old seed and he has the ability to talk and hypnotize people. But only Seymour knows about Junior’s abilities. Mr. Mushnik runs the flower shop. Seymour has a crush on Mr. Mushnik’s daughter Audrey. A buck-toothed boy named Paine Driller always tries to bully Symour. The episodes come with morals and musical numbers.

Seymour Krelborn: Marlow Vella

Audrey Mushnik: Tamar Lee

Mr. Mushnik: Harvey Atkin

Audrey Junior: Buddy Lewis

Paine Driller: David Huband


My Pet Monster

This one was a bit weird. I remember my mom getting me the plush toy, which spawned this cartoon. Max Smith brings home a monster doll with handcuffs. As soon as Max takes off the handcuffs, the mischievous monster comes to life. No one knows the monster is alive, that is until Max tells his sister, Jill, and his best friend Chuckie.  Jill calls monster “Monzie”. And of course there are bad guys, such as Beastur and Mr. Hinkle.  It only lasted 13 episodes. I also watched a live-action TV special based on the plush toy. It was about a boy named Max who bumps into a strange statue. The statue puts a curse on Max and turns him into a monster.

Max Smith: Sunny Besen Thrasher

Jill Smith: Alyson Court

Chuckie: Stuart Stone

Mr. Hinkle: Colin Fox

Beastur: Dan Hennessey


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