{Film Review} The Look-See: Season 2


The Look-See: Season 2

Reviewed by Caitlyn Grey


What’s better than one terrifying season of The Look-See? Why, of course, it would be two seasons of the chilling mini-series created by the same monster-universe YouTube channel, Crypt TV. Season two of The Look-See acts as a prequel of some sorts as it opens up in New York City in March of 1930. The season begins with a mob banging on the door of an apartment building occupied by one-half of the Capshaw twins and his family. Unfortunately for them, opening a bank in New York in the 30s didn’t end well for the Capshaw brothers as this family falls victim to a murder-suicide. The story progresses as we watch the surviving Capshaw family walking through the woods toward their new farmhouse in Harbor. Along the way, youngest child Leah (Carissa Bazler) gets her first look at the Look-See himself. Cue terrible events to occur over the remainder of the season!

Father James (Cameron Barnes) is drawn to the barn next to their house by a loud, strange noise. There, he finds the Look-See’s pocket watch ticking just before the series-named character appears with a bone-chilling jump scare. As James is dragged off-screen and into the darkness of the barn, we learn that mother Mary (Nathalie Soderqvist) and eldest child David (Johnny Berchtold) too have some problems that they can’t release. If I’ve learned anything from season one it’s that “If you yourself cannot release then it will come to take a piece.” For Mary, who is unable to release her past life of luxury, and David, who can’t release the death of his younger brother, both are met with grave fates riddled with suspense and terror.

Fortunately for us viewers, we’re given the pleasure of two intertwining storylines this season. When James is knocked to the ground and dragged into the darkness it’s assumed that the Look-See is responsible for this. However, we learn later in the series that James’ death cannot be blamed on the Look-See, but rather a group of robbers. Two of the three survive the attack on James, but not before the Look-See could follow them back to camp and haunt their nightmares. After a cinematic sequence of events that everyone should experience, the second robber falls victim to the Look-See, while the third is let go. The only character to survive this season is Leah who apparently worked with or befriended the Look-See early on this season. As a final shot, the pocket watch that had changed hands about four separate times this season was placed on the floor by Leah. After a moment, it opened up to reveal possibly a second Look-See.

Does that mean there’s more to come? I sure hope so because The Look-See has become quite possibly my favorite horror series yet. With the great cinematography and sound by returning director Landon Stahmer, how could this not be my favorite series? Perhaps my favorite aspect of this series, aside from the incredible use of suspense, is that both seasons were created with absolutely no dialogue. That itself goes to show how captivating the storyline is.

In terms of fear, I have to say that this season of The Look-See is far scarier than the first. Returning actor Sean Brison who plays the Look-See did an incredible job with his body language in the sense that this tall, lanky, eye-less creature seems more frightening this time around. Incredible drawn-out moments of terror like the red-gloved hand running across the floor or hands reaching from a pocket watch make this season easily four out of five possessed dolls.

In case there was any question, I couldn’t recommend The Look-See any more highly. I said last week that if you’re a fan of horror then you have to watch this series. This week I’ll only slightly change that by adding extreme emphasis on the word have. Both seasons of The Look-See are a must watch for any horror fan. That’s why I, without any hesitation, will give season two of The Look-See my second ever five out of five-star rating, only second to the first season.

If I’ve totally convinced you to watch this series, you can check it out and all of Crypt TV’s other creations for free at http://www.youtube.com/crypttv.


imageCaitlyn Grey is a horror and suspense author who loves all things creepy. Her first novel, Lost Girls, debuted early this year, with a second novel expected to be released this upcoming fall. As a lover of what most would find obscure, Grey prides herself on her unique and quirky personality. She credits her love for all things horror and paranormal to all of the Stephen King, Wes Craven, and Edgar Allan Poe works she started experiencing at the tender age of eight. While most children her age were playing with friends, she was making up stories of shadow figures appearing at the foot of a child’s bed in the middle of the night. The rest, as the story goes, is history. Now, fifteen years later, Grey has devoted her life to scaring the next generation, as her idols had for her.

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