Five Must-See Horror Cartoons



The Addams Family 

The cartoon was a little more family friendly and geared specifically towards children. Uncle Fester is different from the film in that he likes blowing himself up with explosives. The Addams Family live in the bright town of Happydale Heights. The family faces numerous threats from recurring villains and individuals. The Addams are either being forced to move or dodging a kidnapping. Most of the the time, Uncle Fester was the target of those nefarious attempts. There was also enough dancing and snapping to satisfy any Addams Family fan. 

Gomez Addams: John Astin

Morticia Frump Addams: Nancy Linari

Wednesday Addams: Debi Derryberry

Pugsley Addams: Jeannie Elias

Uncle Fester: Rip Taylor

Granny Frump: Carol Channing

Lurch: Jim Cummings

Thing: Himself

Cousin Itt: Pat Fraley

Snappy: Himself

Creepy Crawlers

This show was based on ToyMax’s Creepy Crawlers activity toy. I remember my younger brother getting this one for Christmas one year. They also made a line of 12 action figures that went along with the TV show. We were not fortunate enough to get any of them, though. The show starred a normal kid named Chris Carter who worked for Professor Googengrime (a discredited stage illusionist) at the local Magic Shop. Chris designed “The Magic Maker” for an unknown magic trick. The Magical Millennium Moment hit the Magic Shop, which effect the Magic Maker. The Magic Maker created three mutant creatures: Hocus Locust, Volt Jolt, and T-3 (Goop-Mandos). Googengrime created Crime Grime with the Magic Maker and together they tried to conquer the world. Chris and Goop-Mandos joined forces to them and to take back the Magic Maker. Later on, a girl named Sammy Reynolds joined forces with Chris and Goop-Mandos. 

Chris Carter: Joey Camen

Samantha “Sammy” Reynolds: Patricia Ja Lee

Volt Jolt: Jan Rabson

T-3: Jonny K. Lamb

Hocus Locust: Tony Pope

Sting Ring: Tyrone Week

Commantis: Cam Clarke

Monster Force

Monster Force is set in the distant future (2020). It’s about six university students and their professor. The seven of them form the Monster Force, a squad dedicated to keeping the world safe from things that go bump in the night. They must face classic Universal Monsters like The Mummy, Dracula, and an evil legion of criminals called the creatures of the night. To bad this one only lasted thirteen episodes. 

Dr. Reed Crawley (Doc): Lawrence Bayne

Luke Talbot (The Wolfman): Paul Haddad

Tripp Hansen (The Martial Artist): Philip Akin

Lance McGruder (Powerhouse Marksman): David Hewlett

Shelley Frank (The Psychic): Caroly Larson

Dracula: Robert Bockstael

Creature from the Black Lagoon: Himself

Im-Ho-Tep: Robert Bockstael

Niles Lupon (Bela the Werewolf): Rob Cowan

The Bride: Herself

Teen Wolf

Scott Howard and his family can turn into werewolves. The show focuses on coming-of-age and fitting in. Scott lives in Wolverton where tourist flock to get a glimpse of a werewolf. Unlike the film, Scott keeps his werewolf side a secret. The show talked about disabilities like asthma attacks and seizures. The show also talked about civil rights, and how the werewolves were considered the “other”. Even though Teen Wolf is geared towards kids, it dips into topics such as puberty a little bit with Scott feeling weird before and after his werewolf transformation. 

Scott Howard: Townsend Coleman

Harold Howard: James Hampton

Grandpa Howard: Stacy Keach Sr. 

Grandma Howard: June Foray

Rupert “Stiles” Stilinski: Don Most

Lisa “Boof” Marconi: Jeannie Elias

Pamela Wells: Ellen Gerstell

Mick McAllister: Craig Sheffer

Mrs. Seslick: June Foray 

Swamp Thing

This cartoon ran at the same time the live-action TV was airing. Scientist Alec Holland is turned into the Swamp Thing when his secret lab is destroyed by Anton Arcane and his gang of baddies. Swamp Thing protects the swamp from evil. Arcane wants immortality, so him and his gang use the Geno-fluid to turn into monsters. Arcane becomes an arachnid monster. Swamp Thing is accompanied by Tomahawk and Bayou Jack. 

Swamp Thing: Len Carlson

Anton Arcane: Don Francks

Tomahawk: Harvey Atkin

Bayou Jack: Philip Akin

Dr. Deemo: Errol Slue

Skinman: Gordon Masten

Weed Killer: Joe Matheson

Abigail Arcane: Paulina Gillis

Delbert: Jonathan Potts

J.T.: Richard Yearwood

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