{Film Review} The Look-See: Season 1


Reviewed by Caitlyn Grey


The Look-See- Season 1

 The victims of The Look-See aren’t just haunted by a terrifying eye-less creature. They’re also haunted by their unforgivable grief. This two-season mini-series created by Crypt TV follows the unfortunate victims in their final moments. While season one includes the tale of a new victim each episode, season two follows the surviving members of the Capshaw family on their journey to their new home in the countryside. For the sake of reviewing two separate seasons that aren’t directly intertwined, I’ll just be focusing on season one this week.

The series begins with thirteen victims being memorialized during a silent candlelight vigil. There we meet three of our main characters, Jenni (Belinda Gosbee), Daniel (Sean Brison), and Marlene (Gwen Carole). As the story develops, so does their relationship to one another. Time jumps forward after the vigil to a cop cleaning up after the crime scene of the victims. The cop is the first to encounter The Look-See for herself. After narrowly escaping the grip of the red glove-wearing monster, we see a man attacked by The Look-See but not killed. Instead, the man writes, “If you yourself cannot release then it will come to take a piece.” The scene ends with a perfect transition into Jenni’s storyline. She fails to release her wedding ring from her ruined marriage to Danial in time and becomes the next victim of The Look-See. This works out well for Marlene because she appears to be involved with Daniel. Unfortunately for Marlene, she too becomes a victim of The Look-See.

With no one left from the original three, though it’s unclear what happens to Daniel, we meet Jack Holt (Farheem Williams) who is celebrating the birthday of his late child Gretchen (Jasmine Reid). The gloomy party is interrupted when The Look-See pays Jack a visit. After a series of unnatural events, including his daughter playing a morbid game of hide-and-seek, Jack is unable to fully let go of his daughter’s accidental drowning before The Look-See could get to him. With no other victims left, we discover that Jenni was, in fact, able to flush her ring in time and has survived at the cost of some body parts. After a second run-in with The Look-See, we learn that Jenni is now the new messenger for the monster with a dramatic pan-up of a table covered in papers reading, “If you yourself cannot release then it will come to take a piece.”

For The Look-See only having a combined episode runtime of 16 minutes, each 3-5 minute episode is jammed packed with enough suspense and terror for it to seem like a twenty-minute TV episode. Writer and director Landon Stahmer does an incredible job of immediately immersing his viewers in a terrifying experience. The consecutive but not overdone jump scares keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting to cover your eyes while the actors maneuver around this world. His suspenseful writing mixed with his incredible all-star set of cinematography, editing, visual effects, and score skills creates a truly terrifying experience all without any dialogue from the actors.

If you’re looking for a piece of horror media that’ll make you want to look away or hide during most of the episodes then you’ve come to the right place. The Look-See is filled with incredible shots that make you want to scream at the characters just to run away or turn around when they don’t see the monster but you do. My favorite aspect of this monster is the ability to teleport while also being able to manipulate objects elsewhere. This skill pulls you and the character’s attention away when in reality the creature is right behind them the whole time. In terms of fear, I’d have to give The Look-See 3.5 out of 5 possessed dolls. I started watching this season outside in a little section I’ve cleared up in the woods next to my house, I’ve shared pictures before on my social media pages if you’re truly interested in what I’m talking about, and had to go inside halfway through the third episode because I was just getting too much in my head. I convinced myself that The Look-See would appear behind me suddenly.

All in all, this is an incredible cinematographic experience. My only complaint with this series is that I wanted more. Fortunately, there is a second season that I’ll be watching and commentating on as well. Because of everything I’ve mentioned I feel honored to award my first perfect rating to Crypt TV and their first season of The Look-See. If you’re a fan of horror, monster fan or not, you have to check this out. Easily 5 out of 5 stars for me.

Thankfully, The Look-See is available for free to anyone who has access to YouTube. This season and all of Crypt TV’s other creations are available for free at youtube.com/crypttv.


imageCaitlyn Grey is a horror and suspense author who loves all things creepy. Her first novel, Lost Girls, debuted early this year, with a second novel expected to be released this upcoming fall. As a lover of what most would find obscure, Grey prides herself on her unique and quirky personality. She credits her love for all things horror and paranormal to all of the Stephen King, Wes Craven, and Edgar Allan Poe works she started experiencing at the tender age of eight. While most children her age were playing with friends, she was making up stories of shadow figures appearing at the foot of a child’s bed in the middle of the night. The rest, as the story goes, is history. Now, fifteen years later, Grey has devoted her life to scaring the next generation, as her idols had for her.

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