{Book Review} Echoes of Violence by Glen Krisch



This is my second time reading Glenn Krisch, the first being Brother’s Keeper. For me, Echoes of Violence was a much better reading experience. I love zombies and I love stories like Happy Death Day. This book is described as The Walking Dead meets Happy Death Day, which is accurate. But I think you could also say Echoes of Violence is Groundhog’s Day with zombies. There is a secret lab in southern Illinois where fringe scientists have been conducting experiments. It kind of reminded me of the experiments that happened in Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things. Anyways, the scientists have broken through the barriers of the universes, releasing a super flu that kills almost everyone. The dead rise and begin feasting on the living.

While the scientists were trying to decode the multiverse, they unwittingly change the fabric of time. Everyone is caught in a time loop. I like how Glenn Krisch made it a ripple effect. Whoever was closest to the event is in a shorter time loop, and the time loops expand from there, depending on how far away you live from the laboratory. The Upton family runs the Cherryhill Campground that’s located next to the laboratory. Β The zombies swarm the Cherryhill Campground, seeking sustenance. The Uptons must do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, after all, they’ve been through it a thousand times or more. Can they survive the repeated onslaught?

Glenn Krisch writes arresting scenes. You can hear the horse-flies buzzing about long before the stench and decay of rotting flesh hits your nostrils. (I gagged while typing that.) Krisch doesn’t over sell it, and he doesn’t bog the story down with science terminology. And I like how he used the family dynamic in the story. Kendra Upton has a summer fling with a visiting writer who rented a nearby cabin for the summer. Her two brothers are tasked with looking out for her. The Uptons must stick together at all costs. That’s when the shit hit the fan. Turns out there was too much shit not enough fan. I felt bad for the scientist. He’s got it bad, y’all.

Echoes of Violence is one helluva taut thriller. And that ending will pummel you like a hoard of zombies. Grab a popcorn and soda combo and enjoy the show because Echoes of Violence reads like a movie. It makes for a great summer time read. But I would probably advise against renting a cabin this summer, you know, because zombies. Overall, I thought Echoes of Violence is a fun read. I can’t wait for Glenn Krisch’s next release.



From the best-selling author of WHERE DARKNESS DWELLS and NOTHING LASTING.

In a secret lab in the southern Illinois woodlands, scientists break through the barriers between universes. While trying to decode the mysteries of the multiverse, they unwittingly bring a deadly flu virus into their own world. At first, people die in great numbers. Then, the newly dead rise, preying upon the living like a plague of locusts.

Not only have the scientists unleashed a deadly plague, but they’ve changed the very fabric of time, causing those who remain to continue to re-live the same day.

The Upton family has lived and died through thousands of todays. A married couple with three kids, they run the Cherryhill Campground next to the lab. In a day of unending chaos and violence, the only thing they know for certain is they must fight to stay together no matter what.

An apocalyptic thriller with nonstop action. It’s THE WALKING DEAD meets HAPPY DEATH DAY

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