{Book Review} Fountain Dead by Theresa Braun


  • Pages: 187
  • Published: November 20th 2018
  • Publisher: Unnerving

I have read quite a few stories by Theresa Braun. She never disappoints, always delivering a good time. But Fountain Dead is on another level. To me, it’s the best story she’s written thus far. Theresa Braun delivers the chills and thrills with Fountain Dead. I love historical horror, and Braun delivers on all fronts. I dig the way she approached and delivered this novel. Here’s the thing, I love it when authors split the narrative between past and present. But it has to be written in such a way as to keep the plot taut. Theresa Braun keeps the story smooth and tight throughout.

You have a victorian home. You have your excellent coming of age elements. And you have two timelines that propel the story along at a brisk pace. I love coming-of-age stories and I love history. Put those two elements together and you have a deadly combination that is sure to delight any horror fan. I love how Theresa Braun takes us to the 1800s to explore Emma’s life. She’s a great three-dimensional character with tons of depth. From the card game on the steamboat, you know right away something bad is going to happen. I also dug the way Theresa Braun set the book up with the fountain as the focal point.

Mark is also a great character. He’s your typical kid who didn’t want to move from the city. Who wants to live in the country where there are no comic book and game stores? Mark’s dialogue is great, giving him that realistic feel. Theresa Braun really captures that teen angst and humor. It’s everything you want in a coming-of-age story. You don’t want anything bad to happen to Mark or his parents. I was fully invested in the characters. 

Some say the old Victorian house is haunted, that ghosts roam the halls. There might be something to those rumors. Theresa Braun had me seeing shadows on my walls. And that old victorian house holds sinister secrets. The past and present collide in this YA horror tale. Braun does a great job with the reveals, and you start to see the connections. But she does it in a way that makes you want to keep turning the page, sending you deeper into the house’s history. The parents are to busy with the move to see what’s really going on. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my reading experience. It’s not a bad way to spend a few hours. If you read this one in the house, you might start hearing or seeing things. I think Fountain Dead would make an excellent some or autumn read. I can’t wait to read Theresa Braun’s next release. I also want to take a moment to talk about the cover. It is awesome! Those green eyes really do penetrate the soul. And that house fits the bill. It’s creepy, yet welcoming. If you haven’t read this book, then I suggest you do so at your earliest convenience. I recommend Fountain Dead to all fans of horror. Dig it!


Mark is uprooted from his home and high school in the Twin Cities and forced to move with his family into a Victorian in Nowhere-ville. Busy with the relocation and fitting in, Mark’s parents don’t see what’s unfolding around them—the way rooms and left behind objects seem alive with a haunted past.
Of course, Mark keeps his ghostly encounters to himself, all the while sinking deeper into the house’s dark, alluring, and ultimately terrifying history. As romantic entanglements intensify, the paranormal activity escalates. Past and present come together. Everything is connected—from the bricks in the walls to the hearts beating in their chests, all the secrets of Fountain Dead are finally unearthed.

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