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{Book Review} Reception by Kenzie Jennings


  • Pages: 210
  • Publisher: Death’s Head Press
  • Published: March 11, 2019

Kenzie Jennings has concocted a wickedly delicious cannibalistic tale. It’s hard to believe Reception is her first book. It doesn’t read like a debut. And I love a good introduction. I always read them. You never know what your going to read or find out about the author. It’s a great way for the author or authors to connect with the reader. And Jeff Strand can write a good intro. If the introduction is any indicator, then I need to hit up Jeff Strand for some pointers, too.

Reception starts out as a sibling rivalry. The main character, Ansley Boone, is just trying to keep it together at her sister’s wedding. She’s serving as her sister’s bridesmaid, and even though things are okay on the surface, Ansley was recently released from rehab. She’s having withdrawals and tensions are already high with the Boones at the reception. The reception is located at an isolated resort. Cell service is nonexistent. The foreboding keeps you on edge, and the setting amplifies the dread. And the way Kenzie Jennings wrote the story, it’s kind of hard to believe the main characters point of view, given her withdrawals. You don’t really know if she is hallucinating or not. Is it real or is she just seeing things? It all makes for an intriguing read. 

Have you ever been skeptical of a future in-law? Have you ever been proven right by that particular person’s actions? Ansley’s sister should have asked for a  background check on her future husband and his family. Things get heated real quick. Pure carnage and mayhem ensue. I’m talking Here’s Johnny type craziness. Cannibalism usually doesn’t scare me, but with Reception, I was chilled to my core. The gut-wrenching scenes kind of got to me a little bit. I’m usually not that squeamish, yet Kenzie managed to gross me out. Blood, guts, and body parts fill the pages. I dug the ending, too. 

I will definitely be reading Kenzie Jennings future work, as well as Death’s Head Press’s future releases. It’s always cool to find a new publisher to promote and support. Just look at that cover, guys! It sets the tone of the story. Overall, they did a great job with this book. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience and I recommend you putting this one on your TBR piles. It’s a great summer read, too. Dig it!


While her rehab counselor’s advice replays in her mind, Ansley Boone takes on the role of dutiful bridesmaid in her little sister’s wedding at an isolated resort in the middle of hill country, a place where cell reception is virtually nonexistent and everyone else there seems a stranger primed to spring. Tensions are already high between the Boones and their withdrawal suffering eldest, who has since become the family embarrassment, but when the wedding reception takes a vicious turn, Ansley and her sister must work together to fight for survival and escape the resort before the groom’s cannibalistic family adds them to the post wedding menu.

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