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{Book Review} I Travel By Night by Robert McCammon


  • Pages: 152
  • Published: April 5th 2013
  • Publisher: Subterranean Press

When I think of great authors, Robert R. McCammon is always near the top of the list. He has created so many great stories and memorable characters. I Travel by Night is no different. Subterranean Press did an excellent job on the cover. It sets the stage for the story and shows the reader what the main character, Lawson, looks like. He kind of reminds me of Roland Deschain a little, only because of his attire and pistols.

I Travel by Night is set in the latter half of the 19th century. Lawson was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War. At the Battle of Shiloh the mysterious vampire queen LaRouge gave Lawson the gift of undeath. I thought this part of the story was believable given how bloody the Battle of Shiloh really was. It really does make for a great backstory. Where there’s blood there are vampires, or so I’ve heard. Even though Lawson was turned into a vampire, he clung to his humanity and fought like hell out of the Dark Society’s grasp. Since then, Lawson has been fighting all sorts of evils lurking about, but he’s still searching for a way to become mortal again. And it’s Lawson’s inner turmoil that truly makes him a great character. He uses his vampire abilities for the greater good. Lawson must face his maker because she holds the key to mortal life. Lawson will stop at nothing.

The smell of Louisiana wafts from the pages. As you read, you can smell and hear the bayou. Robert R. McCammon brings the characters and cities to life with his sharp prose. He packs so much into this novella. I’m talking emotion, depth, and backstory. Nothing slows the pace of the book. It’s an easy one-sitter. I can’t wait to dive back into this dark world. Luckily, there’s another book in the series, and I’m hoping for many more. The protagonist and antagonist are shrouded in mystery. There’s so much I want to know and explore. I hope McCammon explores all the facets mentioned in this novella. There seems to be more to LaRouge and Lawson, and I’m ready to experience all of it.

McCammon’s writing is top-shelf and his characters are all unique. The dialogue is great, too. McCammon gets the southern and Louisiana accents right. Everything clicked for me. The incredible descriptions bring the story to life. I don’t know how McCammon does it. This novella carries the weight of a full-length novel. If you love history you’ll love this story. I loved the building tension and atmosphere. And the ending will leave you thirsty for more. I dare you to read this one at night.



For Lawson, the horrors that stalked the Civil War battlefield at Shiloh were more than just those of war. After being forcibly given the gift of undeath by the mysterious vampire queen LaRouge, Lawson chose to cling to what remained of his humanity and fought his way free of the Dark Societys clutches. In the decades since, he has roamed late nineteenth-century America, doing what good he can as he travels by night, combating evils mundane and supernatural, and always seeking the key to regaining a mortal life.

That key lies with his maker, and now Lawson hopes to find LaRouge at the heart of a Louisiana swamp with the aid of a haunted priest and an unexpected ally. In the tornado-wracked ghost town of Nocturne, Lawson must face down monstrous enemies, the rising sun, and his own nature. Readers will not want to miss this thrilling new dark novella from a master storyteller.

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