{Artist Spotlight} Book Covers by Lynne Hansen

Author Spotlight-4


Lynne Hansen is a storyteller who, after directing her first short film Chomp, discovered that she had been studying her entire life to become a filmmaker. She developed a love of all things creepy huddling beneath the covers watching Acri Creature Feature with her dad and big brother. She honed her knowledge of story during her six-year tenure as senior editor for a small press publishing company and as an award-winning author. She developed her eye for visual storytelling designing book covers that required condensing an entire story into a single image. She shepherded her own creative endeavors into the world, and those of others, as a marketing professional, including working with a historic non-profit art-house theater. Having struggled to find her own voice as an artist, Lynne has spoken to students at over 200 schools about how to nurture their own creative spark. She was awarded the 2014 Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival Filmmaker to Watch “Dreamer” award.

Lynne Hansen has over ten years of marketing and promotions experience including graphic design. Her clients include New York Times bestselling authors Christopher Golden, Rick Hautala, and Thomas E. Sniegoski, as well as James A. Moore, Owl Goingback, Jeff Strand, and Amber Benson. She loves helping authors resurrect their out-of-print titles so that they can find legions of new fans.

She specializes in creating book covers and DVD covers that target your ideal market but also tell a story. And not just any story–your story. You want to reach as many people as possible. Lynne can help you do that.

Here are some samples of Lynne’s work. You can find a more comprehensive portfolio on her dedicated cover design services website on Zenfolio.

Lynne also offers prints of some of her favorite creations at Society6.


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