{Poetry} The Monster in Me by C.J. Bow


The Monster in Me


C. J. Bow


There is a monster
In me is where he resides
The pain that he finds
He twists and he binds
And willfully clings to my sides

He rages inside of my chest
What can I do to quell him
He bulges and thrashes
Clashing and crashes
Malice arises to spell him

Broad claws carve down
Shredding a narrow path
Slyly he moves
Sliding through grooves
Down and issues his wrath

The Monster digs and digs
He burrows into the deep
Ruthless savage
Continues to ravage
Bedding his pocket to sleep

Woe-consumed and fitful
In my fears he relies
Awful and vicious
Finds me delicious
Delighting in my demise

Gnashing and gritty
His heart black as coal
Breathing shallows
Shifting to gallows
Reaping the prize of my soul



Peel back the pages of this compact stack of short stories and let the tales of terror consume you. Inside you’ll find a collection of seven different stories told from the world of C. J. Bow, an up-and-coming author cutting his teeth on the genre he loves most, horror. Each tale has been crafted with a careful and diligent hand, fermented to taste. With inspiration drawn from greats like Stephen King, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and the like, Bow taps into a realm all his own in the Midwest – predominantly Minnesota – and begs the reader to delve deep into the darker parts of Minnesota nice.


C.J. Bow gets his kicks writing while wearing several hats; one’s marked father, husband, son, sibling, soldier, colleague, so on and so forth. When not fulfilling hat obligations, he reads and writes and breathes horror. His debut book, The Portable Horrors of C. J. Bow – a collection of short stories based out of his home state, released in mid-October of 2018 which is available on Amazon.

Before that, he penned fantasy football articles for several off-beat sports sites (lastwordonsports.com and purplePTSD.com). In the angsty years of his youth, he wrote sloppy poetry and channeled his inner-Eminem writing raps that would fail to get anywhere further than his yellow-tinged stack of high school notebooks from way back when. They will never see the light of day.

He hails from small town, Minnesota. His latest efforts have focused on home. Peeling back the veil of Minnesota nice to show the hidden and macabre of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. His muses include his wife, daughter, and friends. He enjoys the strange and unknown and loves to share his twisted perspective with you all.

You can find C. J. Bow on Twitter (@C_J_Bow), Instagram (@cjb0w), and Facebook

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