{Book Review} Fuck Happiness by Kirk Jones


  • Publisher: Atlatl Press
  • Published: March 1, 2019
  • Pages: 158

Kirk Jones is at it again with plenty of mind-bending and thought provoking scenes. I had the opportunity to read Aetherchrist when it dropped, and it’s that first experience with Jones’ writing that captivated me. Where to begin with this one? There’s so much to unpack. His writing is off-beat and refreshing. I don’t think his work can be confined to one specific genre because it’s just beautiful chaos, but if you need a genre, then I’d say bizarro. Fuck Happiness is heartfelt and weird bizarro at its best. It’s written in the second person, which makes for an interesting reading experience. I didn’t know what to make of it at first because the first part was all about poop. But it’s Jones’ lyrical prose that keeps you engaged and wanting more.

Fuck Happiness is a great introduction into bizarro. It’s about family and community, but most of all it’s about one man’s journey to save the world from an epidemic with his misery. The man goes through a great deal of pain and suffering, but in the end is it worth it? On a very different note, I really enjoyed the shit that is the first page or two of the novella. There is tons of facts on feces. I was thoroughly informed and grossed out at the same time. Never before has that happened to me while reading a story. I really felt bad for the main character. Overall, I think Fuck Happiness is a top-notch tale.



There is a non-corporeal parasite in your brain. It latches onto your thoughts, wriggles into the ears of passersby, and gestates in their minds. Any coherent idea is a new disease, so you weave small bytes of information together in non-sequitur patterns, creating data strain vaccines. You splice the data strains into VHS tapes from the local rental store. But the entire world is already infected, and the only antibody with any hope of destroying the disease is your misery. You know what you must do:

Befriend the Robitussin vulture.
Join its cult.
Fall in love with a pock-faced Toyota Prius.
Shit your pants in front of your neighbor Mrs. Hendrick.
Give birth to a day care facility.
Exude Schauss pink purity foam from every pore in your body.
Save the world, one puddle of purity foam at a time.

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