{Poetry} Hansel and Gretel by Greg Santos



Hi, fiends! Today, I would like to welcome Greg Santos to Cedar Hollow. Greg Santos is the author of Blackbirds (Eyewear, 2018), Rabbit Punch! (DC Books, 2014), and The Emperor’s Sofa (DC Books, 2010). He is the poetry editor of carte blanche and regularly works with at-risk communities. He lives in Montreal.



Hansel and Gretel

Mother and Father warned us not to go beyond the valley.

We went searching for you deep in the woods.

We were coaxed by promises of peppermint, floss, doom.

The thought of us catching a glimpse of your fingernails excited and scared us.

We were ready to die for love.

We heard your voice calling us despite all the wind machines.

We couldn’t stop ourselves from stumbling through the brambles.

Scraped knees, wet socks, burs wedged in our hair.

Dandelions like jellyfish swarming our ankles.

We heard the muffled screech of an owl somewhere far away.

At long last, love in all its glory.

From Rabbit Punch!by Greg Santos (DC Books, 2014)


Author Bio:

Greg Santos is the author of BLACKBIRDS (Eyewear Publishing, 2018) and the two full-length collections RABBIT PUNCH! (DC Books, 2014) and THE EMPEROR’S SOFA (DC Books, 2010).

He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. His writing has been featured in The Walrus, Queen’s Quarterly, Geist, Vallum, The Feathertale Review, Ricepaper, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Best American Poetry Blog, and World Literature Today.

Santos regularly works with at-risk communities and he teaches at The Thomas More Institute. He is the poetry editor for the online literary journal, carte blanche.

He lives in Montreal with his family.



In Greg Santos’s Rabbit Punch!, Marco Polo reminisces on his friendship with Kublai Khan over deli sandwiches, Wilfred Owen and Ernest Hemingway trade war stories at Hooters, and Senator John McCain remembers that fateful day when his father took him to eat bubble gum ice cream. With punchy poems that are intimate, dark, enigmatic, playful, and surreal, peppered with pop culture figures ranging from Batman, to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Paris Hilton to ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Rabbit Punch! delivers a poetic KO.


From faraway hotel rooms to quiet rides in the country, from Perfect Strangers to late-night infomercials, from a Mickey Mouse alarm clock to an all-too-familiar snooze button, and from cheese fries and 3 a.m. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Cheetos to Pepto-Bismol, Greg Santos’s poems detail, essentially, what all we Gen Y-ers must sadly recognize–or, perhaps, proudly claim–as the sobering truths that daily remind us, whether we like it or not, that we are growing up.

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