{Poetry} My Box, Blood Moon, and Memory Seed by Lydian Faust



Hi, horror fiends! Thank you for stopping by Cedar Hollow. In case you haven’t heard, April is National Poetry Month. Today, I would like to welcome Lydian Faust. She is the author of Forest Underground, a novella published by The Sinister Horror Company. If you haven’t read this novella, then you should remedy that immediately. It’s an unputdownable dark fairy tale. Faust also writes sci-fi horror poetry and fiction under the pseudonym, Valerian Door. Her short stories can be found in several anthologies, such as Splatterpunk Forever, Visions from the VoidDark Designs: Tales of Mad Science, and more. Lydian Faust loves nachos, and she probably has the coolest hairstyle out of all the horror authors on Twitter.






Lydian Faust

Married in the mattress
by arcane chains
stroked my box until you came
with pillow talk of pins and needles
our honeymoon in Hell.






Lydian Faust

Zero was the name of the awakening year.
Their cryo-crypt keepers shaking off dreams-
wild-eyed, staggering into strange obsidian sands-
far-flung from welcoming domes of green-
course redirected by blink of a black eye.
Ami held her wife to heart,
inhaling earth memory from lilac hair.
All provisions soon consumed,
in the timeless days of seven unsetting suns-
where no future could root.
Watched the skeleton crew wither and die-
bodies a circle of mounds,
under the scorching alien sky.
Lastly, the spark of her wife sputtered out-
Ami dug their pit deep and lay beside her to sleep, kissing her strands.
One was the name of the burgeoning year.
Seven suns set and sands shift to reveal,
a fairy-ring of jutting bones,
blossoming into first life here,
under the new blood moon.





Valerian Door

Folding space between worlds,
Father called to reap what sown.
Aeons digging spiders, snakes,
beacons into dust,
yield cargo cults come home,
to lovers time forgot.
Mothers draw their halfings near,
wombs aching with memory seed,
frail arms upstretched
to embrace the widening gyre,
his cold blue toungue darts down,
with carbonizing fire,
licking eager Eves and brood,
Father’s final gift received.



Author Bio:

Lydian Faust is a writer of horror and dark fiction. She is also a painter who likes to lay it on thick. Ms. Faust lives in one of the murder capitals of the United States of America. Her hobbies include nachos and alien conspiracy theories. Her debut novella, Forest Underground, was published by The Sinister Horror Company, and her short stories have appeared in several anthologies. Ms. Faust is currently working on a novel, as well as a poetry collection. She also writes sci-fi horror poetry and fiction under the pen name Valerian Door. You can find her at www.lydianfaust.com, on Amazon at www.amazon.com/author/lydianfaust, and on Instagram and Twitter @LydianFaust.



Luna was lost.
Hospitalized following an incident in a local grocery store, she finds herself volunteered for treatment by the brilliant psychiatrist, Dr Sizemore.
As the doctor’s interest in her new patient grows, Luna reveals shocking details of her past. Ailing grandmothers, seductive strangers and a blood-soaked childhood are only the tip of the iceberg as her revelations paint a picture more akin to a twisted and nightmare-fuelled fairy-tale.
Detailing this case for the publication of a book, Dr Sizemore’s fascination reveals a dark history of her own. One that continues to haunt her to the present day.

The pair take a journey, twisting and turning through the labyrinths of their psyches. Through lands, fertile with anguish and dread.
Join them if you dare, to a place where glowing eyes are forever watching, lurking in the shadows of this internal woodland; of this forest underground.



From the Splatterpunk Award-winning editors of Splatterpunk Fighting Back comes a brand new anthology. Marital dysfunction explodes into violence in a circus sideshow from hell… Three American tourists get more than they bargained for when they visit a very special Mexican brothel… When you work for the cartels, ‘trash disposal’ has a whole new meaning… Splatterpunk Forever brings you 11 all-new tales of extreme horror, with an introduction by Glenn Rolfe.

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