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{Book Review} Limbs: A Love Story by Tim Meyer




I’ve read all of Tim Meyer’s horror books. With each new publication, he keeps getting better and better. He pushes the envelope with new and unique stories that make the reader think and Limbs is no different. I’ve never read or watched anything like it before. It always helps when the cover artist reads the story. I dig the artistic vision the cover artist was going for with the cover; it conveys the story so well. And we all know a good cover speaks volumes.

Tim Meyer does an excellent job with the characters. Ray Bridges is an acrotomophiliac, someone who fantasizes about and is sexually attracted to amputees. He uses local support group meetings for the disabled as a hookup service. He seeks out vulnerable women who’ve recently lost a limb. He honestly thinks he is helping those women by having one night stands with them. Oh yeah, and he keeps reminding the reader that he’s not a monster. I believed him the first time he said it, but I began having my doubts as the story progressed. I think Ray was trying to reassure himself more than anything.

Ray fell head over heals for a graceful and pulchritudinous woman. Their relationship went well for a while, but one thing was missing or wasn’t depending on how you look at it. She still had all of her limbs. Ray started having some seriously dark thoughts. He could make it work or try to get his girlfriend to shed a limb.

Tim Meyer does a great job with the subject matter. This story is presented in a respectful way, which I immensely dig. I know the cover says love story, but Limbs is definitely a horror story, too. Not only do we get vivid scenes from Ray’s internal monolog, there’s also a slasher running about. But it’s Ray’s intense imaginings that make the book so great. The setup and execution was great. The whodunit aspect added more flavor to an already delectable read.

Tim Meyer’s writing gets stronger with every outing. He’s on top of his game right now.  I’ve heard great things about Lords of the Deep, too. I look forward to reading his next release!








I am not a monster.

Ray Bridges, a professional electronics salesman, is looking for love in all the strange places. He spends most nights sneaking into support group meetings for the disabled in order to satisfy his deepest, darkest desires—to hook up with unfortunate, down-on-their-luck women who’ve recently lost a limb. There’s a name for Ray’s preference; it’s called acrotomophilia, a paraphilia involving amputees.

Conflicted, Ray wishes he could change. But he can’t. His body won’t let him. Nor will his mind. He’s destined to live this life, forever. That is . . . until he meets the perfect girl. Falls in love with her. Only problem: her arms and legs are attached.

Unable to find her attractive, Ray embarks on a dark, twisted journey of self-discovery, one that will force him to make an impossible choice: abandon his pursuit of true love or find a way to make it work, even if that means getting the girl of his dreams to shed an appendage.

Weird, comedic, and often raunchy, Limbs is the craziest love story ever told.

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