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{Book Review} Blood Island by Tim Waggoner


Reviewed by Valerie Dorsey

This is a first time reading for me of any Tim Waggoner’s works and I am glad I had the chance to read this!! Thought it would read like the B-rated movie that the book is centered around but I was very much surprised. This deep sea thriller is rather well written!!

I’ll share with you what made me an instant fan! Around the middle of the book the writer integrates an act of compassion that doesn’t affect the overall horrific theme but affected me instantly! Tina has a land shark about to devour her face and in a deliberate act of cruelty it lowers its head so she can see its mouth and double rows of teeth as it eats her face! Tasha reaches into Tina’s memories and pulls out one of her favorites. It was this image-along with the emotions that accompanied it that followed Tina down into death! Right here, with this the author had me!

On another note, this is a good creature feature with a ancient mass, it’s zombified sea creatures, blood and guts and horrifying attacks!



The Mass, an island-sized creature formed entirely of mutated blood cells, has drifted across the world’s oceans for millions of years. It uses sharks – the most efficient predators the planet has ever produced – as extensions of itself to gather food. For the most part, the Mass and its Hunters have avoided contact with the human race, but now it’s entered the waters off Bridgewater, Texas, where a film crew is busy shooting a low-budget horror film called Devourer of the Deep. The Mass is about to discover something called human imagination, and the humans are about to learn that battling a monster in real life is a little harder than fighting one on screen.

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