{Book Review} Baby Hater by C.V. Hunt

A novelette about an unlikely superhero.

C.V. Hunt delivers a hard hitting novelette with an interesting premise. C.V. Hunt pulls no punches with this rollicking tale of “heroic” antics. I didn’t know whether to feel sympathy towards the MC or curl up in my reading blanket and cry. Baby Hater is one of those rare reads that makes you feel uncomfortable from the start. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I could see this story adapted on the big screen. The MC is very dynamic and comes from a great place, but her actions are horrendous. Her misplaced anger is hilarious.

Baby Hater might not be for every reader, but it does bring up some societal points that are old and abhorrent. It’s a different take on feminism. I love how C.V. Hunt wrote the protagonist (if you can call her that), making her out to be a feminist super hero for women who can’t have children. It’s through this lens that we get the MC’s humorous thoughts as she goes about her business. I was in awe of how C.V. takes you inside the mind of a crazy person.

Baby Hater is filled with pain and anger. We get to meet the copycat. Their exchange is funny, but brutally honest. And that ending is blindsiding and brilliant. I’ve read a few of C.V. Hunt’s stories and they never disappoint. Baby Hater isn’t for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Baby Hater made me feel uncomfortable with its unsettling scenes. Baby Hater is extreme horror written with poetic prose. It’s one helluva story. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more of C.V. Hunt’s work.



A novelette about an unlikely superhero.

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