My Junt

Hi! I hope all of you are doing well. I’ve been absent as of late. This is due to the snow and the cold weather. It was a much needed break. I read over two hundred books last year, and I got kind of burned out. So, I did what any reviewer would do and took a break from my blog. That’s not to say I stopped reading books because I never stop reading. I read every day, whether it be for ten minutes or a couple hours. It’s all about books and their creators. It’s getting the word out about those books and creators. I love to read and I love to talk about what I’ve read. My horror heart is still black as ever. My love for the genre is stronger than ever. That fire and passion will never cease. I want to be more efficient on my blog, too.

I have neglected my blog for a couple of weeks. Now, it’s time to get on my grind. I have several reviews to write. I find that the hardest thing is getting back into the rhythm and groove of posting every day or every other day. As the TBR pile mounts, I’m playing catch up. Those reviews are coming slowly but surely. I always try to write quality reviews, but as of late, I have been staring at a blank page. I have erased as much as I’ve written. I want to convey all the feelings, but it ends up looking something like this:

Great book. Strong characters. Great hook. The ending is great, too. 

I see a lot of writers talking about writer’s block, but I think book reviewers are susceptible to writer’s block as well. Has any other reviewers experienced anything like this? Please let me know in the comments below. Any advice would be appreciated. 

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