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{Book Review} MONSTER BLOOD by R.L. Stine

MONSTER BLOOD is one of those books that could have been great. MONSTER BLOOD is the first in a trilogy or series. I didn’t really care for this one. While it is good, I just really wanted more out of this story. There is so much potential here, but it was all squandered with a lackluster plot. 

Anyways, Evan has to go live with his crazy aunt while his mom goes to Atlanta. Evan gets bored and decides to visit the local toy shop. After perusing the shop, he decides to buy a can of monster blood. The shopkeeper warns Evan about the monster blood, but Evan being a kid, throws all warnings out the window. Evan messes with the blood and it starts growing and it keeps on growing. It’s probably still growing as I type this. I find it fascinating that the monster blood really doesn’t do anything but grow. To me, this was a missed opportunity. Aunt Kathryn and her crazy black cat stole the show. She is a blunt old lady, which is entertaining to me. As always, R.L. Stine hits you with a twist ending. I could see it coming mile away, but younger me probably freaked out the first time I read this one. I say probably because MONSTER BLOOD is one of the Goosebumps I couldn’t remember when starting this read through. 

When you put MONSTER BLOOD up against the other Goosebumps, you can see it isn’t one of the better books in the series. The Goosebumps series was geared towards middle graders. For a middle grade read, MONSTER BLOOD is still a solid three star book. 


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