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{Book Review} SHILOH by Philip Fracassi

This is my first time reading Philip Fracassi. I enjoyed SHILOH, mainly because it’s a historical horror story. I dig US military history, and this one was in my wheelhouse. Even though Fracassi didn’t knock this one out of the park, he did hit it to the warning track. 

“The ground had opened up and spit out hell and the detritus was Shiloh.”

SHILOH takes place in 1862 during the Civil War. Shiloh was a small patch of land in southern Tenessee used as a battlefield. Shiloh was a bloody battle indeed. For twin brothers Henry and William, infantry soldiers in the Confederate Army, the battle held more than the horrors of war, it was a portal to something beyond mankind, where the spilling of blood brings not only death, but eternal damnation.

One brother starts seeing strange things. He starts questioning his sanity. Dude is not crazy. Trust me. I wasn’t expecting the direction Fracassi took. It is odd, yet riveting. I dig Fracassi’s writing. The ending is great. The story slowed a bit for me, but overall, it’s a solid read. 

If you haven’t read Philip Fracassi, then SHILOH is a good place to start. It’s a quick, satisfying read. 



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