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{Book Review} SHADOW OF THE DAY by Nick Younker

SHADOW OF THE DAY is a futuristic take, mirroring present-day America. It was hard to tell if this was real or not, given the times we live in. We live in terrible times, and so do the people in this tale. It’s a dystopian tale of unprecedented bureaucratic failure. It’s also a tale of survival. 
The suicide of a nine-year-old girl leads a medical examiner and a digital forensics expert to a series of unsettling events. 
The quasi-oligarchic future is only bright for the rich citizens. In fact, the poor aren’t even citizens. The poor don’t have rights or health care. Sound kind of familiar? Well, it should. 
The bleak and dilapidated future doesn’t seem so bad when the protagonist rises to the occasion. Nick Younker creates a great female protagonist. She is strong and intelligent. The female hero imbues the poor, which is inspiring. 
Nick Younker can spin a good yarn. The dialogue is good. The storyline is seamless. The ending is great. I’ve only read one other book by Nick, but I can safely say, he delivers the goods. 
SHADOW OF THE DAY is a great escape for an hour or so. This dystopian nightmare really isn’t horror, but you guys should give this one a read anyway. 
4/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐

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