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Michelle Mellon’s debut collection from HellBound Books is excellent. DOWN BY THE SEA doesn’t read like a debut at all. In fact, it reads like a seasoned author wrote it. This collection scared me to death. Not only are the stories original, but the author’s voice is distinct and fresh. Michelle Mellon will have you guessing about the endings. The character development in the stories is unbelievable. I was invested in the characters from each of the short stories. I consider DOWN BY THE SEA a game changer. This collection has an assortment of stories ranging from killers to mermaids to werewolves. 
The sinister scenes play out like a movie in your mind. Death and decay fill these pages. DOWN BY THE SEA is a collection of top-shelf horror stories. 
Like always, I have a few favorites that I want to share with you guys. Fear of the Darkness and Down by the Sea are two of my favorites. They are sweet surprises. I didn’t see the stories playing out the way they did. 
Michelle Mellon is here to stay. You can read this collection one story at a time or you can devour it in one bite. When you think DOWN BY THE SEA, think BOOKS OF BLOOD, LAND OF BONES, and BONES. The cover is awesome, too. 
Highly Recommend!
5/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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