{Book Review} KILL CREEK by Scott Thomas

KILL CREEK transcends the haunted house trope. This is a debut novel and it shows. I started and stopped reading this book on three different occasions. The beginning is incredibly slow. So slow in fact, you can skip to the part where you get to the house. You wouldn’t miss a thing. But let me go back and give you the details.

The author sets up a scenario where you have four people staying Halloween night in a so-called haunted house. The Finch House is your typical haunted house. It’s located on the edge of town. It’s empty, abandoned, and overgrown. 

It is supposed to be a publicity stunt. Wainright (is the founder of a website dedicated to all things horror) invites four of the best horror writers to the Finch House for a live-streaming. Each author specializes in their own type of horror. T.C. Moore is an erotic horror novelist. Sam McGaver is a teacher and a struggling horror writer. Daniel Slaughter is a Christian horror writer. Sabastian Cole is the heavyweight horror writer. 

While they are filming, the usual haunted house things occur. You get the noises and unexplained shadows. There is a mysterious third-floor bedroom that is bricked off, though. But nothing too out of the ordinary happens. That is when things start to pick up. 

To me, my favorite part is the history of the house. I love history. I could read about historical events and places all day. Anyways, you get to see what happened in the house from the time of its construction to the present. I also like the downward spiral. SH!T. The authors begin writing a novel. Oddly, the authors reunite at the Finch House a year after their live-stream event. 

Scott Thomas does a fantastic job weaving this tale of utter torment. The Finch House has a story needing to be told. KILL CREEK delivers the goods but doesn’t avoid the usual tropes. The author explores the characters’ backgrounds meticulously. 

Scott Thomas has a unique voice and I dig his writing style. The narrative was slow at times. The characters were solid. Like I said before, you can tell this one is a debut. The tension didn’t stay tight throughout. At times, the tension did build, but it wasn’t lasting. 

I had high hopes for the latter third of this book. I felt like the sails were taken out from under me, though. No longer did I feel the cool wind in my hair as I breezed through this book. I wanted to be surprised by the ending, but it played into a tired old trope. 

If you like haunted house stories, then you should give KILL CREEK a go. 


4/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐

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