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{Book Review} EAT THE RICH by Renee Miller

Renee Miller can spin one helluva yarn. This story drips blood and destruction. It is a first-rate apocalyptic horror tale. From cover to cover, EAT THE RICH is non-stop action. Just look at that cover! 

This book stars Ed Anderson and shiploads of aliens. Ed Anderson decides to become a homeless person–just in the nick of time, too. The homeless population and the murder rate spike overnight. For better or worse, aliens have come to Earth to carry out a mission. 

The city is thrown into chaos. This is where things get really interesting. Renee Miller makes you feel something for each of the characters. She shows you both sides of the story. You see and feel what the characters are going through. The storyline is smooth. The dialogue is excellent. The writing style is great. 

Renee Miller looks at humanity and what it means to be human. She makes you think. She keeps you turning pages late into the night. I didn’t know what to expect the entire second half of the book. The tension stays tight, keeping you on the edge of your seat. That ending hits really hard, too. 

I read this in one gulp. It’s a great read. I will definitely read more books by Renee Miller and Hindered Souls Press. 


4/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐

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