This is a review of the original Leisure Press paperback. The Author Preferred Edition is EARTHWORM GODS and it was published by Deadite Press. During this review, I will refer to the book as EARTHWORM GODS. 

Brian Keene takes a boring topic like worms and makes it interesting. No one does apocalyptic horror like Brian Keene either. From the setup to the execution, this book keeps your interest–mainly because of the characters. Each character is unique and brings something different to the table. 

One day the rain just didn’t stop. As the flood waters slowly rose and coastal cities and towns disappeared, some people believed it was the end of the world. 

That’s when the conqueror worms rose up from beneath the surface and started wreaking havoc on the survivors. The cast of characters are interesting because they really don’t have a hope and a prayer, but they seem to manage. 

Teddy Garnett and Carl Seaton are buddies. They are old. You wouldn’t think they would be good antagonists, but it turns out they are. Giant slime coated holes start appearing in Carl’s yard. They have to fend off giant worms. Kevin and Sarah come on the scene when their helicopter crashes. They are the last survivors of an outpost in Baltimore. We get their story, which is most excellent. Things end on a high note back at Teddy’s house. 

Grab a raincoat and jump into the rain-soaked action. The characters are resilient given their age, health, and the conditions they live in. The odds of survival are not in their favor, but the human spirit is one tough cookie. 

There’s a couple of biblical references throughout, given the flooding and all. EARTHWORM GODS is a nod to H.P. Lovecraft. 

The characters are solid. Brian Keene makes you feel for the characters. The dialogue is good. The storyline is smooth. The ending is great. 

I need to read more Brian Keene. I need to know more about his mythos. 


4/5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐


One day the rain just didn’t stop. As the flood waters slowly rose and coastal cities and towns disappeared, some people believed it was the end of the world. Maybe they were right. But the water wasn’t the worst part. Even more terrifying was what the soaking rains drove up from beneath the earth — unimaginable creatures, writhing, burrowing … and devouring all in their path. What hope does an already-devastated mankind have against … THE CONQUEROR WORMS?

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