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{Book Review} Spells & Persuasions by S.J. Budd

Spells & Persuasions is a great short story collection! S. J. Budd can write! If you haven’t read an S. J. Budd book or short story, then you should remedy this immediately. Now, let’s get to the review.

The Memory Chamber is awesome! A woman does a poor job of looking after her son, Jimmy. He is hit and killed by a car at the age of three. I will stop there because that ending is brilliant and I don’t want to spoil the reveal!
5/5 stars!

Earthly Joy is creepy good fun! A woman waits each year for her husband to return. She has left the table set.
5/5 stars!

Hold Me Tight is eerie. Jake is an unwanted orphan who is taken in by Kirsty. Something is off about Jake and it makes Kirsty feel uncomfortable. The ending is incredible!
5/5 stars!

The Little Orphan Girl is about a spell. This story is crazy! The ending is to die for!
5/5 charred remains!

The Knocker is a great ghost story! You better answer the door.
5/5 knocks at the door!

The Mound is a “careful what you wish for” story. You must be careful when you are using magic.
5/5 stars!

White Lilies and Everlasting Shadows is about a woman who marries her dead best friend’s husband. Yes, there are repercussions!
5/5 stars!

Spells and Persuasions is a great short story. A woman has to use self-defense when a man stops at nothing to be with her. The dead just don’t stay dead.
5/5 stars!

A Most Devoted Son is about a boy who will stop at nothing to be with his mummy!
5/5 stars!

All of these stories keep you guessing. After you finish one, you just have to start the next one. The stories are from different time periods, which keeps things interesting as well. With that being said, you should get a copy for yourself. You definitely get your money’s worth with this collection!

I highly recommend this short story collection!

5/5 stars!

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