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{Book Review} Fountain of Drowned Memories by Erik Hofstatter

Lorcan Carmody can’t remember, and his surroundings are unfamiliar to him. He sees black tentacles coming out of the plughole in the bathroom. He also sees things in the stains on the ceiling and walls of his room. It is an eerie tale that will leave you thinking about the subject matter long after you have finished reading it.

Fountain of Drowned Memories is a short story, but it packs a helluva punch! It is a unique Lovecraftian take on dementia. Erik Hofstatter does a great job describing Lorcan and his surroundings. His characters are very interesting and relatable.

Fountain of Drowned Memories is a sad story about an illness that has affected so many families. All in all, Fountain of Drowned Memories is a solid story.

You can read the story for free at

4/5 stars!

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