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{Book Review} Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

You can’t go wrong with a Stephen King book! He is the Master of the Macabre and the Sultan of Shivers!  He is proficient with the novel, novella, and short story formats. This collection of short stories consists of a variety of horror that you will either like or dislike—I have to admit that there are a few that I didn’t enjoy, but the majority of the stories are great. With that being said, The Raft is by far the creepiest short story in the collection. The Raft was also featured in the movie Creepshow 2, although not as good as the story. The Mist is awesome, and Stephen King turned it into a stand-alone novella. The Monkey was scary, but the Word Processor of the Gods was great. The rest of the stories kind of fell in between for me, but overall the collection was really good.


I highly recommend this book to fans of Stephen King and horror!
5/5 stars!

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