{Book Review} Night Crawlers by Robert McCammon



A Vietnam Veteran called Price stopped in Bob’s diner to get some coffee. A small conversation between an officer, a waitress, and Price ended badly. Price opened up about how he was the only survivor out of his unit called the Nightcrawlers. He told them his dreams and reality converge when he sleeps, so he doesn’t sleep. Price freaked out and the officer knocks him unconscious. While he is unconscious, the Nightcrawlers wreak havoc on the small diner, shooting the place up and ultimately killing Price. No one can explain what happened because the Nightcrawlers don’t leave evidence, but Bob found a list of names, and he contemplates finding the people on the list.

It is a great short story, and probably one of my favorites! I highly recommend this short story to anyone who likes horror!

5/5 stars!

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